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Corporate Office

70 Thomas Johnson Drive, Suite 200
Frederick, MD 21702  Directions

301-663-0626 (phone)

301-695-0426 (fax)

East Region Office

201 International Circle, Suite 150
Hunt Valley, MD 21030  Directions

410-290-1011 (phone)

410-290-1022 (fax)

Essential Duties:

  • Prepare the worksite for concrete; setting steel and wooden forms for concrete.
  • Place plastic concrete into forms and spread to specified depth.
  • Level and straighten the surface, provide a floated, trowelled or textured surface as specified, cut joints to control cracking.
  • Operate machines that speed production and semi-automate the placing and finishing process.
  • Cure and protect concrete surfaces.
  • Properly use dry pack grouting, epoxy coating and other specialty materials.
  • Install anchor bolts, steel plates, door sills and other inserts in freshly placed concrete.
  • Install specialty concrete and apply architectural surface treatments such as hardeners, colouring, textures or patterns.
  • Saw, cut, or core drill existing concrete;
  • Restore concrete surfaces; repair, resurface and replace damaged sections of floors, walls, pavements and other concrete structures.
  • Train and instruct new team members.
  • Assist site superintendent.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Proficient with tools, methods, materials and equipment used in placing, smoothing, finishing and curing concrete in commercial construction; 
  • Knowledge of concrete mixing, placing and finishing;
  • Knowledge of laying out and building forms for concrete construction;
  • Able to read and interpret maps, plans, codes and specifications and survey stakes for cement work;
  • Use independent judgment and initiative in performing assignments;
  • Maintain effective working relationships


  • High School diploma/GED
  • Completion of apprenticeship program and/or journeyman experience.
  • Five years of experience

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