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About this Project

This two-phase project involved a build-out of four modular cleanrooms for the cell processing facility.  Phase one consisted of one lab and phase two consisted of three labs.

The cleanroom build-outs included the installation of HVAC, electric, security, sprinkler, access control, and medical gas systems; biosafety cabinets; and MMA Flooring.  The project also involved roof repairs including structural reinforcement of existing roof steel; tying into existing and providing new ductwork; and the installation of supporting steel in the floor, concrete housekeeping pads, and a steam generator attached to the air handling equipment for humidity control.  Intense above ceiling coordination of MEP work was required to serve the clean rooms and allow access for maintenance.

The second phase of this project was adjacent to an existing clean room, so biosafety requirements were more stringent including independent air handling systems and dust containment procedures.

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