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Kate O'Hara

Today we are featuring Kate O’Hara, Morgan-Keller’s Director of Corporate Safety. In this position, Kate is responsible for fostering and continually improving Morgan-Keller’s safety culture.

Kate’s direct manager said this about Kate:

“Kate has been instrumental in changing the culture of safety at M-K and is establishing a new and improved vision of how M-K views safety overall. Day in and day out she brings a positive attitude, a willingness to help solve difficult circumstances, and a strong desire for all M-K employees and subcontractors to return home to their families safely each day. Since Kate took over as Safety Director, she has worked diligently to build a strong safety team, improve our technology & equipment, and establish new processes that serve M-K well now and will for years to come.”

When Kate was asked what advice she would give to those considering a career in construction, she said:

“If you enjoy being able to challenge yourself and learn new things, then the construction industry is a great field to get into.”


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