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Erica Armentrout

Our first feature for Women in Construction Week is Project Manager, Erica Armentrout with our Commercial Facilities Maintenance Group. Erica joined Morgan-Keller in 2015 as a temporary Admin Assistant. Since that time, Erica has been promoted up to Project Manager due to her hard work, dedication, and willingness to learn.

Erica’s direct manager said this about Erica:

“Erica is an extremely organized team member and she brings a level of organization to our work that is great to see. Erica is also very fast paced, and she handles all her tasks with the utmost efficiently and accuracy. I strongly believe she’s second to none as far as efficiency of work.”

What does Erica enjoy most about working in construction?:

“The thing I enjoy most about working in the construction industry is that I learn something new every day. We consistently have multiple jobs going at once, so you’ve got to remain flexible, adaptable, and stay on your toes to keep everything moving smoothly. I’m always learning in the moment and on the go with the new situations we’re put in with our wide variety of jobs.”

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