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AJ Johnson

Today for Women in Construction Week we are featuring AJ Johnson, Field Administrative Assistant with our General Construction Group.

AJ is currently working in the field at our Ellume project in Frederick, MD. AJ’s Superintendent at this project, said the following about her:

“AJ is eager to learn, receptive to direction, straightforward with subcontractor direction, willing to work weekend and late days with no complaints- a real team player. Her contributions to the team at the Westview and Ellume projects have been irreplaceable. AJ can be whoever she wants to be, and I am proud to help mold her in whatever direction she wants to go in.”

When AJ was asked what she enjoyed about working in construction, she said the following:

“I love seeing something created out of nothing. The finished product always gives me a great sense of pride. I love driving by a building and saying ‘look, I helped build that.’”


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