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Corporate Office

70 Thomas Johnson Drive, Suite 200
Frederick, MD 21702  Directions

301-663-0626 (phone)

301-695-0426 (fax)

Kelly is a vital part of our Specialty Construction Team as our Administrative Manager.

She demonstrates our Core Values of Teamwork, Ownership and Professionalism:

• Teamwork- She always encourages and promotes the Specialty Construction Team and Morgan-Keller in general.

• Ownership- She takes pride in everything she produces and sends out.

• Professionalism- Kelly is accurate, punctual, and uplifting in her communications both internally and externally.

Kelly firmly supports our group and Morgan-Keller through active participation in interoffice events and always does a great job in getting bid participation for all of our projects. In short, Kelly is full of positive energy and is a joy to be around. She always looks at the bright side of any situation.

We thank Kelly for her dedication and commitment to Morgan-Keller.

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