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Some of our summer interns participated in a Breakfast Meet and Greet with our leadership team on Thursday, June 23rd.

Morgan-Keller has nine interns working for us this summer!

Pictured here are:

Lauren Kluttz, Full year Intern - American University

Abby Carioti, 1st year Intern - Northeastern University Boston

Joseph Pinto, 1st year Intern - High Point University

Carson Sickeri, 2nd year Intern - Clarion University

Our other interns include:

Sara Hohn, 2nd year Intern - Shepherd University

Trevor Hickman, 2nd year Intern - Virginia Tech Student 

Dalton Kephart, 2nd year Intern - Millersville University

Steven Kalamets, 1st year Intern - Salisbury University

Jacob Brandenburg, 1st year Intern - Frederick Community College

We hope that our interns have a fantastic summer with us!


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