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After the successful completion of the BB&T/Susquehanna merger, BB&T felt so confident in the abilities of the Morgan-Keller Commercial Facilities Maintenance team they awarded them the next merger with National Penn. In addition to the scope of work they had for the previous merger, BB&T assigned those duties as well as additional responsibilities for the team to coordinate. During the BB&T/National Penn Merger, the CFM team helped facilitate the successful transition of 84 locations in a 3 state area.

The BB&T/National Penn merger involved:

  • Decommissioning of closing locations
  • National Penn brand element removal
  • BB&T re-branding assistance
  • Signage assistance
  • IT backer board power support
  • New Cash Room & IT Room fit-outs
  • Bullet resistant glass installation
  • New IT Rooms HVAC
  • Point of entry for DISH Network
  • ATM Kiosk transition assistance
  • TV and DVD player installation
  • DISH Network installation assistance
  • Certificates of occupancy & final as-built survey procurement
  • Demising large branches & offices for multiple tenants
  • Safe deposit modifications & relocations
  • Extensive vendor coordination
  • Vault and safe modifications
  • Coordination of lock/changes/rekeying branch

Utilizing the experience gained from the previous merger, the BB&T/National Penn merger went smoothly and proved to be a success for all involved. Morgan-Keller's Commercial Facilities Maintenance Team looks forward to their next merger opportunity.

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