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There's never a good time for a commercial HVAC system to go down, but when this happens during the hot summer months, an inconvenience can become a crisis. In such cases, Morgan-Keller Commercial Facilities Maintenance (MKCFM) can utilize spot coolers temporarily for your business. Spot coolers are portable cooling units that offer a flexible and cost-effective solution for temporary cooling needs in commercial facilities such as office buildings, bank branches, retail stores, and industrial facilities.  These spaces require efficient and reliable cooling systems to maintain comfortable and productive environments for employees and customers.

Spot coolers can be a valuable addition to the commercial facilities maintenance toolkit as they are designed to be portable and easy to move around making them an ideal solution for temporary cooling needs in commercial facilities. They can also be strategically placed in areas that require immediate cooling, such as server rooms, conference rooms, or areas with high heat-generating equipment. Their portability allows facilities managers to respond quickly to cooling emergencies or adjust cooling solutions based on changing needs within the facility. 

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