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Ensuring the safety of every individual - construction workers, client employees, and guests - is an absolute must on all Morgan-Keller projects.  Our comprehensive safety program is supervised by a highly experienced Safety Manager, who regularly visits every Morgan-Keller job site. In addition, an on-site team member is responsible for ensuring all work is performed safely at all times.

The company has a written safety program, Morgan-Keller's Safety 7000 Manual.  In addition, daily job site audits are conducted at all of Morgan Keller’s construction sites.  All problems found are corrected and are used as safety talk material.  We perform new employee orientation for three hours to cover general safety guidelines and requirements. 

Job specific safety requirements are performed at each of our job sites and include hazards, potential hazards, and client requirements for that specific job site.  High safety standards ensure a secure workplace for our employees and cost savings for our customers.