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Specialty Group

Morgan-Keller Specialty Contracts Group accommodates clients desiring to build, renovate, and refit more modest-sized facilities. Specialty Contracts is staffed with its own project management team, estimating, and accounting personnel. The same quality and experience provided for our larger projects is combined with flexibility and quick response time, providing a customized fast-track approach to construction and renovation projects.

At Morgan-Keller Construction, we believe every job deserves a strong focus on quality and attention to detail - no matter its size. Morgan-Keller Specialty Contracts Group brings that focus to smaller construction projects, which often bring unique challenges, such as critical completion schedules and demanding work environments. Since its inception in 1986, Morgan-Keller Specialty Contracts Group has built an impressive resume, including ground-up and tenant improvement financial institutions, fire stations, retail, medical facilities, pre-engineered metal buildings, restaurants, laboratories, and tenant build-outs.

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